The Giver-Novel Themes

The Giver-Novel Themes

Author: Megan Trimble

Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including its relationship to the characters, setting, and plot; provide an objective summary of the text.

Students will explore various themes present in The Giver by: Lois Lowry. Students cite textual evidence from within the novel that supports the development of each theme and end the lesson with a quiz that highlights theme development throughout the plot and among the characters.

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The Giver-Theme Guided Notes

Use the helpful handout to take notes over the themes presented in the slide-show and cite textual evidence that are examples of each theme explored in the novel. 2 citations of evidence per theme. Bring notes to class for further review/discussion.

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Source: M.Trimble-2015 The Giver

The Giver-Themes

Themes explained in The Giver by: Lois Lowry

Source: M. Trimble-2015