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The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle

Author: lauren paine

Before we begin reading this memoir, we need to discuss some of the issues that will inevitably arise during our discussions. Thinking about these  issues will enhance your understanding of Walls' work.

anticipation guide

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Glass Castle Intro

Answer each question as honestly as possible. In class, we will discuss your answers. Be prepared to explain and support your opinions.

The Glass Castle - pre-reading questionnaire

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Prereading Guide

Mark whether each statement is true or false.  Provide a reason or example that supports your response.


1. Digging through trash makes you a gross person.                           T          F

2. If parents curse in front of their children, they

are bad parents.                                                                                           T          F

3. Good qualities in a person can overcome the bad qualities.           T          F

4. Homelessness is a choice.                                                                    T          F

5.People should be proud of parents no matter what.                          T          F

6. People should never condemn our parents.                                      T          F

7. Good parents give their children the best.                                          T          F

8. Children with rough childhoods grow up to be                                  T          F

“rough” adults.

9. There is a lot to learn from reading/thinking about                            T          F

the hardships of another human being.

The Glass Castle