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The Graph of Rational Functions

The Graph of Rational Functions

Author: Anthony Varela

The Graph of Rational Functions

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Notes on "The Graph of Rational Functions"


(00:00 - 00:15) Introducing the Lesson

(00:16 - 00:40) Asymptotes

(00:41 - 02:31) Vertical Asymptotes

(02:31 - 04:04) Horizontal Asymptotes at y=0

(04:05 - 05:07) Horizontal Asymptotes at y=a/b

(05:08 - 06:55) Oblique Asymptotes

(06:56 - 07:38) Reviewing our Notes


Key Terms


A line that a curve approaches; the distance between the curve and an asymptote approaches zero.

Vertical Asymptote

A vertical line that a curve approaches from the left or right; the curve tends towards positive or negative infinity, and its distance to the vertical line tends towards zero.

Horizontal Asymptote

A horizontal line that a curve approaches from above or below; the curve tends towards a constant value, and its distance to the horizontal line tends towards zero.

Oblique Asymptote

Also called slant asymptotes, a line that a curve approaches as x tends towards ± infinity; it can be defined by y=mx+b, where m≠0