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The Great Gatsby: Introduction

The Great Gatsby: Introduction

Author: Tara Neely

1. Introduce the students to the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and the "Roaring Twenties" using a BBC biography and to create and understanding of the historical time frame that the novel was written and based.

2. Students will watch video, answer questions and take a quiz.


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A&E Biography Handout

As you watch the five part special below complete the study guide that is attached. Be sure to study the needed information for the upcoming quiz. 

A&E Biography F.Scott Fitzgerald Study Guide

Complete while watching the 5 part biography below. We will be watching this in class so you may use this if you missed information or a day of class.


A&E Fitzgerald Bio Part 1

A&E Fitzgerald Bio Part 2

A&E Fitzgerald Bio Part 3

A&E Fitzgerald Bio Part 4

A&E Fitzgerald Bio Part 5

BBC BIO of F. Scott Fitzgerald (optional)

The Great Gatsby

Trailer 1