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The Great Gatsby Introduction

The Great Gatsby Introduction

Author: Malinda Mick

The objective of this lesson is to create a character from the 1920s who may have attended one of Gatsby's parties.  The students will include a picture, 5 pieces of personal information, and 3 status updates using the Fakebook website.  The students will be able to answer reflection questions based on their experience.

The students will view a PowerPoint presentation, watch a Fakebook tutorial video, and research people of the 1920s to gain a better understanding of what life was like during the time of The Great Gatsby.

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Creating a Fakebook

Websites to get you started

Here are some sites that will help with your search. These should be a starting point.  You are free to use others not listed as well. Please avoid Wikipedia.

Here is the tutorial for the Fakebook. Please watch this before you begin creating a profile.

Reflection questions

Please email your teacher with your responses to the following reflection questions:


1. What did you most like about this activity?


2. What did you least like about this activity?

3. Would you have enjoyed living during this period of American history?


4. Do you think it is important to learn about a period of history before reading a novel about it? Why?