The Grid

The Grid

Author: Maria Tucker

In this lesson you will learn about the history of the layout grid and how to identify and define its component parts.

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Notes on "The Grid"


Image of The Grid, Public Domain


Image of Dwell Grid Spread, Fair Use


Image of de Stijl Magazine, Public Domain

Image of Mondrian Com RYB, Fair Use

Image of Swiss Design Poster, Fair Use


Image of Brockmann Works, Fair Use


Image of Unigrid, Fair Use


Image of National Park Service Brochure, Public Domain


Terms to Know

An underlying structure upon which a layout can be built, typically comprised of rows, columns and the gaps between them.

International Style

This style, also known as "Swiss Style", is characterized by the use of asymmetrical balance, rigid typographic grids and the use of sans-serif typefaces.

Josef Müller-Brockmann

Swiss graphic designer, teacher and key proponent of the International Style movement. Müller-Brockmann pioneered the use of grid systems in graphic design.


Name for the basic component of a layout grid which overlays a matrix of columns and rows.


A component of a layout grid which spans the page horizontally.

de Stijl

Means "The Style"; Dutch art movement focused on use of simple geometric form and primary colors. The painter Mondrian was part of this movement.