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The Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset

Author: carolyn fruin

According to Carol Dweck, a leading researcher in learning, how we think about our intelligence can determine our success when trying to master difficult material. Find out what a "Growth Mindset" is and how to approach your failures as a learning moment.

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Do you feel intelligence is finite? Find out what a growth mindset is and how you can change how you think about effort and intelligence.

Source: adapted from Science Museum of MN - PAGE

Discovering the Importance of Mindset

Carol Dweck describes here studies on learning and how mindsets effect it.

Source: Stanford University

Growth Mindset Graphic


Source: Carol Dweck

The Perils of Praise

Can you complement a child too often? According to Carol Dweck, it's not the frequency, it's the words and intent. Read about the "correct" way to praise intelligence.


Source: ASCD