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The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker

Author: Kellee Peterson
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Day One - View "The Hitchhiker" video and take detailed notes on your terms list.

Day Two - View "Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement", "Personal Pronouns Song" and "Pronouns - Schoolhouse Rock" videos.  Take detailed notes on your terms list.

Source: Kellee Knutson


  • define foreshadowing.
  • identify foreshadowing in a work of literature.
  • define the following: a pronoun, antecedent, and agreement between pronoun and antecedent.
  • identify pronouns and their antecedents in sentences.
  • correct errors in agreement between pronoun and antecedent - including indefinite pronouns.

Source: Kellee Knutson

"The Hitchhiker"

This video corresponds to pages 86-98 in your textbook.

Source: Kellee Knutson

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

This video corresponds with the bottom of page 99 in your textbook and pages 67-69 in your grammar workbook in Google Drive.

Source: Kellee Knutson

Pronouns - Schoolhouse Rock

Personal Pronoun Song

Learn this song to help you remember the personal pronouns. You might be tested on this one...