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The Holocaust

The Holocaust

Author: Dan Fritze

The students will understand how the Nazis attempted genocide against the Jews and other undesirables.

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The Holocaust: Hitler's Final Solution

1 - What problem did Hitler need a solution to?

Kristallnacht - 1938: The Beginning of the Holocaust

Kristallnacht: aka-'Crystal-Night' ... aka-'Night of the Broken Glass'
1-Describe what happened during Kristallnacht.
2-What did the current Prime Minister of Germany (Angela Merkel) say about what Germans should have done when the oppression of Jews first started?
3-How did Hitler begin preparations for his final solution? (He wanted an Aryan master race.)


The Holocaust in Color

1-What did the Nazis put up on Jewish shops? What happened to the people that resisted?
2What did Hitler claim would happen to the Jew if they (supposedly) started 'another' world war?
3-Where was the largest ghetto? (What does the term 'ghetto' mean in this instance?)
4-Approximately how many concentration camps did Hitler have?
5-What did the people that eventually died in the camps want the survivors to do?
6-How many Jews did the Nazis murder?
7-What did the Americans force the people from the nearby towns to do?


Facts about the Holocaust

1-What does the word 'holocaust' actually mean?
2-What groups of people were targeted by Hitler's Holocaust?
3-What was the main cause of death for people in the Holocaust?


United States Perspective

Use the link:

1 - How did the Great Depression impact the ability of German Jews to escape to the United States?
2 - Why did some Americans hinder any effort to help the Jews?
3 - How did some Americans support the German Jews?
4 - Why didn't American journalists publish stories about the Holocaust when they found out about it in 1942?
5 - Why do you think the War Refugees Board refused to bomb concentration camps? (Jewish leaders had requested this action.)
6 - What was the War Refugees Board successful in doing?
7 - When did the American public find out about the Holocaust?


Could the United States have done more to save people from the Holocaust?