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The Holocaust and Night

The Holocaust and Night

Author: Nathan Mattson
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Schedule for Project

1/3 Progress Report--Feb. 13th

​2/3 Progress Report--Feb. 26th

​Mostly Finished--March 4th


Feb. 26th Video Update:

Some tools to consider

Online Slideshow Tools

narrable (This one is only images and audio.)

simplebooklet (Mr. Mattson has a paid account with 30 student accounts.)

haiku deck


creativist (I think you can only make one story for free, but it's a beautiful product)



iPad Apps


haiku deck


Infographic Tools



Timeline Tools

timeline js (This is the best free one there is, but you need to use a google spreadsheet to use it. Also, you can't use your school gmail; we have some sort of protection that makes it not work.)

tiki toki (This one is cool, but with a free account, you can only make one.)

Project Information



The Path to Nazi Genocide

Take notes using on this and prepare for a fact quiz. Here is the link to this video:

Using is a slick way to take notes while watching online videos.

I STRONGLY encourage you to NOT use google chrome when you are using Use firefox or safari. I had my notes not save and I lost them all using Chrome.

Study Guide and Reading Schedule


Camp Map




Project Topics

This prezi if freely explorable. Just scroll around.