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The Hunger Games and Dramatic Structure

The Hunger Games and Dramatic Structure

Author: Ilsa Olson

Common Core Writing Standard 9.2
Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content.

Students will be able to organize the events in The Hunger Games to an outline of the Freytag's Pyramid.  They will watch a video, study various sites, complete a quiz, and organize what they've read so far onto Freytag's Pyramid for the next class meeting.

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Watch this video to understand what Freytag's Pyramid is, and how it relates to the structure of stories. It may help to take notes on each stage of the pyramid!

PowerPoint Slides Presentation

This is a simplified version of the Pyramid we will use, with five steps.  Please study it through these slides.

It is very possible to get differing (yet similar) forms of the Dramatic Pyramid.  I disagree with the example in this PowerPoint; in Snow White, to me, the climax is the death of the Evil Queen.  The falling action is the dwarves' care of her and the prince's arrival, and the resolution is the kiss and their happily ever after.  

Webpage with Explanations and an Example

Visit this webpage for another example and more information on each step of Freytag's pyramid.  

Homework: The Big Idea

1.  Take the quiz attached to this online assignment.

2.  Draw Freytag's Pyramid on a separate piece of paper.  Organize what we have read in The Hunger Games and complete as much of the Pyramid as possible.  You will not reach the climax, falling action, or resolution.  In place of this, guess what you think will happen, but leave empty space!  We will add more of what happens and compare the story to the predictions made.  In addition, please write as many events as possible into the diagram.  What events create the exposition?  Which events create the rising action?

For this exercise, please include the following on your Dramatic Pyramid.
Inciting Incident
Rising Action
Falling Action