The Hunger Games PART 1 "The Tributes" Video Summaries and Comprehension Questions

The Hunger Games PART 1 "The Tributes" Video Summaries and Comprehension Questions

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Chapter 1 Video Summary

Chapter 1 Questions
1. Describe District 12.
2. What illegal activity does Katniss participate in doing? Why does she need to do this?
3. Describe the relationship between Gale and Katniss. Do you have a relationship like this in your own life? Explain.
4. What is the reaping? Do you think this practice is fair? Explain.
5. Who is selected at the reaping?

Chapter 2 Video Summary

Chapter 2 Questions
1. How does Katniss save her sister from the reaping?
2. What kind of person do you think Peeta is? What evidence from the book led you to come to this conclusion?

Chapter 3 Video Summary

Chapter 3 Questions
1. What instructions does Katniss leave for her mother?
2. What act of kindness does Peeta’s dad show to Katniss? How do you think this man might of influenced his son?
3. What advice does Gale give Katniss about surviving the games?

Chapter 4 Video Summary

Chapter 4 Questions
1. Do you think Haymitch will be helpful as a mentor? Why or why not?
2. What does Katniss mean when she says: “A Kind Peeta Mellark is far more dangerous to me than an unkind one” ?
3. What happens to convince Haymitch that Peeta and Katniss might be fighters?

Chapter 5 Video Summary

Chapter 5 Questions
1. The presentation of the tributes seems to be greatly focused on visual presentation and looks — what does this reveal about the belief systems of the Capitol?
2. Compare and contrast life in the Capitol to life in District 12.

Chapter 6 Video Summary

Chapter 6 Questions
What is an Avox?
What prevents tributes from jumping off the roof? Why do you think this is in place?
What reasons would Peeta have for being curious about Gale?

Chapter 7 Video Summary

Chapter 7 Questions
1. What are the pros and cons of Peeta and Katniss being coached together?
2. What reasons does Peeta give for thinking Katniss will be better than him in the arena?
3. What does Katniss do before the judges? Why might this act be considered controversial?

Chapter 8 Video Summary

Chapter 8 Questions
1. What does Katniss fear will happen as a result of her behavior before the judges?
2. Why do you think Peeta asked to be coached separately?

Chapter 9 Video Summary

Chapter 9 Questions
1. Describe Katniss and Peeta’s costumes. Why do you think Cinna dressed them like this?
2. What shocking secret does Peeta reveal during his interview?