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The importance of hand washing

The importance of hand washing

Author: maira verdoza

Personal and Community Health
Standard : Essential Concepts 

1.1.P Identify effective dental and personal hygiene practices. 

 1.3.P Define “germs.”

 1.4.P Explain why the transmission of germs may be harmful to health.

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Lesson acitivy

NAME: Ms. Maira

COURSE: Health Education

DATE: January 14, 2019

LESSON TITLE: Hand washing

HEALTH CONTENT AREA: Personal Health - Physical



1.3.P- Define “germs.” 1.4.P- Explain why the transmission of germs may be harmful to health.


After activity experiment with bread students will discover how germs are transmitted, the students will be able to perform and use hand washing song as a skill to prevent transmission germs from spreading.


Materials Needed: bread, small zip top bags, sink with running water, soap, paper towels, speaker

Teacher preparation prior to lesson:

1. Read a book about germs are not for sharing
2. Question studnets what we can go to stop germs from spreading? (Wash Hands)
3. Materials will be prepared before class.
4. Need to slice of white bread. One slice of bread will be dirty hand and second slice bread will be clean hands. After recess studnets the teacher will gather the students in a circle and all students will touch 1 slice of bread with unwashed hands. Teacher will collect the slice of bread and place in a zip top bag (dirty hands). The 2-slice bread studnets two students will wash their hands sings the wash hands song and hold the bread. Teacher will collect the 2 slices of bread and place in a zip top bag (clean hands).
5. Students will be able to observe both slices of bread and see the importance of hand washing.

CLASS ACTIVITIES: Have students write down what they predict will happen to both the clean and dirty slices bread.

STUDENT ASSIGNMENT: The student will explain in one paragraph the importance of hand washing and how it can prevent germs from spreading.

EVAUATION/ASSESSMENT: The song will help students remember the time duration and steps of correct hand washing. Studnets need to demonstrate correct hand washing.


Need soap and water