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The job application process - getting there & looking the part

The job application process - getting there & looking the part

Author: Janet Colledge

—During this preparation and the lesson that follows you will:-
—Understand the importance of planning your attendance at an interview
—Know which websites you can use to plan your journey.
—Understand the importance of appearance at interview and  be able to make appropriate choices of clothes to wear for interviews.

A short flipped lesson to prepare pupils for a job or college interview - particularly the process of planning routes, finding out about the company, what to take with you  and deciding on appearance

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Level 2 Planning the Journey

Source: Careersbox

Level 3 Preparation, Appearance & Researching the Job

Source: Careersbox

The job Ppplication Process - Getting There & Looking the Part

Full slideshow with narration

Source: Outstanding Careers

The Job Application Process - Getting There & Looking the Part

Slideshow with notes but no narration

Source: Outstanding Careers

Getting There & Looking the Part Worksheet