The Layers of the Earth

The Layers of the Earth

Author: Luz Cardenas

Grade 6.  Science Content Area Standards: 1b. Students know Earth is composed of several layers: a cold, brittle lithosphere; a hot, convecting mantle; and a dense, metallic core.   

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Is the first outermost layer of the earth.  We live on top of the crust.  This layer is very thin compared to the other layers and is made up of solid rock and loose material.


The thickest layer of the earth.  It’s 1,800 miles thick, it’s made up of super heated rock.


The lithosphere is the solid, outer part of the earth.  It includes the brittle upper portion of the mantle and the crust, it’s also the coolest of the earth’s layers

Outer Core

1,400 miles thick liquid layer, mostly made of iron so it’s really heavy.

Inner Core

This is a solid layer with thickness of 780 miles, made of solid iron and nickel.  It is believed to be in a solid state because of the extreme pressure from the other layers.

Describe the Lithosphere; what is it compared to? Why?

On a clean sheet of paper write a one paragraph answer where you give me more details on the lithosphere. Remember that the YouTube video compares the lithosphere to something else.  In order to correctly answer this question you will need to refer to the links to learn more about the lithosphere as well as watch the video.  Turn in your paper to me when you are finished.