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The Lifecycle of a Frog and Insects

The Lifecycle of a Frog and Insects

Author: Heather Richards

You will be learning about the life cycle of frogs and Insects!

Objective #1: Student will identify the stages of the frog life cycle

Objective #2: Student will identify the stages of the insect life cycle

Objective #3: Students will be able compare and contrast the similarities and differences between frog and insect life cycles.

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Frog I-File

Read the following I-file and be prepared to use this information for our iClass today!



Frog and Insect Life Cycle Book Resource

You may look back at this book at any time


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Class Video

Listen as Mrs. Richards read through the important info of your book. I even made a brain oops and had to fix myself. LOL So I am human after all haha. You will need to read over the I-file either before or right after watching this video. The book has also been provided if you would like to read it yourself.

Answer these questions before class tomorrow!