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The Lost Generation

The Lost Generation

Author: Caycie Maynard

10.6.4: Discuss the influence of World War I on literature, art, and intellectual life in the
West (e.g., Pablo Picasso, the “lost generation” of Gertrude Stein, Ernest

Students will be able to research Lost Generation to understand how literature, art, and intellectual life was influenced by World War 1. Students will use their research to successfully respond to the questions given.

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Video about the Lost Generation

While watching this video, think about what you know of the Roaring 20's, and how The Lost Generation shows a different side of the 1920's.

Link to Encyclopedia article about the Lost Generation

This source should provide a lot of general information about the "who" and "what" of the Lost Generation.

Link to an article on the Lost Generation

While reading the article, pay special attention to who the Lost Generation was and why they were called that.