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The Main Causes of Cystic Acne

The Main Causes of Cystic Acne

Author: Sylvia Costello

While the specific cause of cystic acne is unknown, there are some known triggers that could potentially alert us to a possible outbreak inpatients left a history of being vulnerable to the acting disease.

So just what is cystic acne? Cystic acne is actually a pimple that forms deep in the skin, mostly at the root of the hair and may be painful and sensitive, thereby resulting in an eruption on the skin, which is mostly filled with pus. However, squeezing them in a bid to get rid of them will only worsen the situation and cause more pain.

Recent studies have shown that genetics play an important role in the probability of you having any form of acne. If you have parents who were prone to have acne, there is greater possibility of you being afflicted with it than someone who doesn’t have parents that had it.

The use of birth control pills which leads to hormonal changes that trigger cystic acne. However, these are not the only things that can trigger cystic acne. Other much more controllable ones are:

Stress: An emotional upset can result in an outbreak of acne or worsen an already existing one. A mental imbalance will definitely offset the physical balance of the body. And depending on your body, the resulting effects may be directly on the skin, such as acne.

Excessive Cleaning: In a bid to keep their skins clean and acne-free, some people scrub so hard or so often or use very harsh cleansers. These excessive measures could do just the opposite: destroy the skin’s defense mechanism and put it out of sync with natural moisturizing methods that are built into the skin.

Oil-based Cosmetics: The use of greasy or oily skin products can block pores in the skin and lead to the collection of a lot of pus under the skin. This causes the glands through which hair grows to the surface of the skin to get blocked by sebum, thereby forming a pimple near the surface. This may lead to a more serious form known as cystic acne when a cyst forms under the skin.

Excessive Squeezing: The tendency to get rid of any blemish that appears on the skin by squeezing it may actually cause a bigger problem by pushing the bacteria deeper into the skin, thereby causing cystic acne. It is advisable that once you know the root causes of acne, that you try all you can to find befitting and effective ways to cure or control it, even if it means scheduling an appointment with your local dermatologist.

It is advisable to avoid these controllable cystic acne causes if it is within your abilities. After all, the most proven way to stop acting is too prevented from occurring in the first place.

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