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The Mexican American War

The Mexican American War

Author: Schuyler Deutsch
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Source: Rickard, J. (1 February 2001), Mexican War (May 1846-February 1848),


•H-SS: 4.3.5 Discuss how California became a state and how its new government differed from those during the Spanish and Mexican periods.

•RI: 4.3 Explain events, procedures, ideas, or concepts in a historical, scientific, or technical text, including what happened and why, based on specific information in the text.


Students will be able to create a list of causes and effects of the Mexican American War and its results using a Google Doc with a partner.



Cause (What happened) and Effect (What did it do)

Mexican-American War: War between Mexico and the United States of America over disputed territory.


Before video, review what we have already learned in class so far about the lead up to the Mexican-American War and what potentially caused it.  Why were the two countries fighting, what was each countries goal, what led to this and why. 

Source: “Texas Revolution and Texas War of Independence.” Texas Revolution History Texas War of Independence Mexico,

Short Video Of Mexican American War

Watch this short video about the Mexican American war to start the lesson.

Source: History Channel, director. What Was the Mexican-American War? | History. YouTube, YouTube, 21 June 2017,


Review what you learned in the video, take the information you learned and write down your thoughts about it in your journal.

Once you finish writing down the information you thought was most important talk to your partner about what they observed during the video.

Short Quiz

Take what you have learned and answer these three questions to the best of your ability, you are able to use your journal writing to help you answer the questions. 

Final/Big Question

Once you have completed the quiz and reviewed your journal writing, create a google document with a partner creating a cause and effect list of the Mexican American War and its end results.  Once you are finished with the google document submit it to your teacher for review. At the end of class the teacher will go over all student submissions to create a anchor chart of all the important information gathered and learned by the class to answer what was the biggest cause and the biggest effect of the Mexican American War and its aftermath.