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The Mission  (Movie 1986)

The Mission (Movie 1986)

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The Mission - Key Words

Guarani people


Jesuit reductions

The Affair of the Indies

Evangelization in the New World

Slavery in the New World

Treaty of Madrid

Explusion of the Jesuits from the New World 

The Mission Directed by Roland Joffe

The Mission is a 1986 British film about the experiences of a Jesuit missionary in 18th century South America. It won the Palme D'Or and the Academy Award for Best Cinematography.


Source: unknown at this time.

The Mission Trailer

Short trailer to tell the epic story of Jesuit Priests in the 18th century who went to christianize the Indigenous people of South America.

Source: Youtube Cajonofficer

The Mission Film Guide pdf

2 BERKLEY CENTER FOR RELIGION, PEACE & WORLD AFFAIRS AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY This film guide serves as an educational resource for viewing The Mission, the
1986 award-winning film set in eighteenth century colonial Brazil about the
efforts of two Jesuit priests—one a missionary and one a former slave trader—
to establish and defend a mission benefiting the indigenous Guarani people
in the midst of the struggle for political mastery of the Americas between
Portugal and Spain. The film addresses several themes related to religion and
conflict, including ways of dealing with tension between religious and political
authorities and ongoing debates about Catholic just war teaching. This guide
includes a synopsis of the film, historical context on the Spanish and Portuguese
colonization of the New World and the role of evangelization in that
process, a list of key terms, discussion questions, and a list of recommended
further readings.
About this Film Guide
This film guide was crafted under the editorial direction of Eric Patterson, visiting
assistant professor in the Department of Government and associate director of the
Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University.
This film guide was made possible through the support of the Henry Luce Foundation
and the Luce/SFS Program on Religion and International Affairs.