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The Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

The Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle


CA/Common Core Curriculum Standard/IEP Goals/etc. : 2.2.a., 2.2.b. Cycle of Life.  Description: Students learn why life cycles are vital to the survival of all species.  Common Core State Standards (LA) Writing and presenting a report.

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Website For Extended Information On The Monarch Butterfly

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Butterfly! Butterfly! Video

Source: Harry Kindergarten Music. (2014). Butterfly, Butterfly! (a song for kids about the butterfly life cycle). Retrieved June 19, 2016, from

The Big Picture: Poster Time

Everyone has done a poster for class before; instead of making a poster we are going to use technology to make poster boards.  The students will make a Poster/ Glog on Glogster ( In the poster the students will build and add the pictures of the butterfly lifestyle.  The students will find a species of a butterfly they like and use non-fiction pictures of that butterfly’s life cycle.