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The Mongols

The Mongols

Author: David Jensen

After this lesson, the student will be able to understand the inter connections between cultures created by the formation of the Mongol empire that would lead to the globalization of European culture, and the cultural diffusion between Europe, Central , Eastern, and Southeastern Asia.

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Lesson Instructions

1.  Begin this Lesson by watching the Crash Course video to introduce yourself to the topic.

2.  Next, you will review the PowerPoint slides on the Mongolians and go through and fill in your note templates.

3. When you come into class tomorrow you will turn in those notes and hold a seminar focusing on the question "What was the Mongols main contribution to world history?"

Mongols Crash Course Video

Source: Crash Course World History YouTube Video

Mongolian Power Point

Source: Created by David Jensen using PowerPoint

Mongol Student Notes

Using the PowerPoint Slides fill in the information on these notes.


Source: Created by David Jensen Using Adobe Acrobat