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The Most Exciting Tasks Performed at School or University

The Most Exciting Tasks Performed at School or University

Author: Paul Gain

During application to join university, make sure you seek the best admissions essay help to put up a good impression. You will find a wide range of activities that you can take part in. Learners can choose to engage in many recreational issues, but at the end of the day, do not forget about academics. One interesting thing about assignments is that they are very engaging. Higher education exposes you to a global perspective of phenomena, meaning that as you work, you seem like you have taken a virtual trip around the world.

Even after qualifying to join campus, there is one major hurdle which is to write an admission essay. Most students often don’t have any prior experience and are left wondering who will write my admissions essay. Thanks to the internet, you have a platform where you can to meet professionals to guide you. You can identify the best admission essay writing service provider through reviews.These review sites also consider prior experiences of students who use the platforms to help.

After passing the hurdle of writing an admission essay, be ready to explore the wonderful university life. The following list of exciting tasks that I executed is a testimony that indeed, life on campus is worth the toil:

A Project on Aviation

One of my assignments was to complete an aviation project where I had to provide details of take-off and landing. So I was required to book an appointment with pilots and sit with them in the cockpit. This was a lifetime experience where I witnessed the operations at the airport. No doubt that the place is very busy, and you may just get run over if you are not careful. Although I had been inside a plane before, never had I been inside the cockpit. Later on, I was to compile a report which was also full of adventure.

Writing a Book Synopsis

Given that I have a passion for reading, the assignment to write a synopsis was one of my best. I was asked to breakdown Ben Carson’s “The Big Picture”, a book which I noticed has a lot of inspiration. Ben gives a narrative of how he grew up from a humble background and later grew up to be a neurosurgeon. I had never read the book, but while writing the synopsis, I found a chance to read the entire book.

Conducting a Lecture

I recall one time I was asked by the instructor to assume his role and teach my fellow students. At first, I was nervous, but I got used along with the lesson. At one moment, the lecturer left for a few minutes to pick a call, and I was fully in charge. It felt nice to give orders around and to ask questions. Some students could make faces at me, but I realized I was in control. That moment was so gratifying.

Forming Reagents in the Lab

One of my units was more related to chemistry. Most of the assignments were conducted in the lab. During a certain occasion, we were provided with extremely reactive chemicals. Once I mixed them, they produced very many colours. After finding out about the properties of the reagents, I began to make blocks of colour while taking a few photographs.

Assembling a Lighting Setup

This was an end of term mini-project, where we were required to form different circuits using five cells. Surprisingly, I was able to connect both series and parallel formations. To test whether the circuit was complete, I had to use a bulb to determine the flow of current. It was such a joyous moment when I had bulbs lighting in my two setups.


Higher education gives you an exposure to the rest of the world, and you should not view an institution from a localized perspective. I was very privileged to attend university, and most of the tasks I performed were really entertaining. Apart from the rigorous schedule, you will occasionally find breaks in the simple tasks that boost your spirits. Grab the chance to join an institution of your choice and explore these rare moments.

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