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The Most Unusual Topics for Essay 2020

The Most Unusual Topics for Essay 2020

Author: Nataly Portman

Choosing a topic for an essay is not as easy as it sounds. There are many factors to consider when choosing a topic. But once you find a topic you really love, you will enjoy the process of writing. In this post, we will discuss the most unusual topics for writing essays. 


Leadership can be one of the most amazing topics for an essay. In your essay, you can describe the activities of a particular leader or discuss what leadership actually means. Writing an essay on leadership is more interesting for someone who is naturally interested in leadership.

If you want to write about a particular leader, there are tall figures in history, such as Winston Churchill, Benito Mussolini, Mahatma Gandhi and many more. 

Picking a book to read

Numerous books are being published every day, so it is pretty hard to decide what to read and what to ignore. In your paper, you can also focus on the fact that fewer people are reading books these days, because there are other ways of learning and entertainment.

You can understand this issue deeply by paying close attention to this phenomenon. If you can explore this issue deeply, you can write an interesting essay. 


There are some topics that never become old or boring. Marriage is one of them. In your paper, you can go back to the past and show what marriage was like in the past, the lives of children born within wedlock. 

Once you have done your research, start writing. You can look at marriage from different angles, and explore other topics directly or indirectly related to marriage. Anybody who can read will find the essay interesting. 

Healthy eating

The media tells us that more and more people are becoming vegetarians these days. But has meat consumption really come down? What does the data say? You can discuss what healthy eating really means and why we should develop this habit.

You can write a very interesting article if you explore eating habits in different parts of the world. You will need to do some research before you start writing.

Writing is not a quick process, and many students fail to complete their assignments for lack of time. These days, however, busy students use online writing services that get your essay done for you. Students who do not want to write their papers pay professional writers to get their papers written. 

Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is a pressing issue in rich countries, and the main reason is the abundance of food. But is there any other thing that needs to be addressed? What about the sedentary lifestyle that leads to obesity and other serious health issues? Use reliable data and make the essay as interesting as possible.


In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the dangers of smoking. Yet, most smokers can not break this bad habit. Why is tobacco so addictive? How is this addiction different from other forms of substance abuse?

In your essay, you can discuss second-hand smoking, smoking in public, and why people start smoking in the first place. 


Shoplifting is a common form of crime, and people all over the world are familiar with this crime. In your paper, you can discuss why people indulge in such petty thefts, the consequences of shoplifting, and effective ways to stop it. Adding a personal story can make your essay more interesting.

Picking a topic for an essay is a matter of personal choice. You must choose something you are really interested in. hopefully, these prompts will help you come up with your own ideas and write an amazing essay.

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