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The Nephron

The Nephron

Author: Meg O'Mahony

To demonstrate and understanding of the Nephron and how it works, you need to be able to:

  1. describe the structure, location and function of each part of the nephron, and be able to identify the parts of a nephron on a diagram.
  2. explain why and how various solutes move across cell membranes during filtration and reabsorption in the nephron.
  3. Explain the principles behind counter-current exchange with applications to heat exchange as well as the Loop of Henle.
  4. explain the role of osmosis in the reabsorption of useful fluids.
  5.  explain the role of ADH on nephron function as well as its role in feedback control.
  6.  explain the role of the kidney in regulating ionic balance in the blood.
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This tutorial explains how the various structures of the nephron work together to remove waste products (e.g. urea) from the blood while retaining useful compounds (sugars, etc.) by using active and passive transport systems. Like most of the really important functions of the body, it is simple processes behind the function (e.g. counter-current exchange, osmosis). This video stops at the role of the Collecting Tubule.
The following video explores the control of the nephron.

Source: M. O'Mahony

Control of Nephron Activity

This video explores two of the main regulatory processes on the Nephron: antidiuretic hormone (ADH) and RAAS. Both have a similar result although for different reasons and by affecting different processes.

Source: M. O'Mahony, open source images

Student Notes Template

Template for the tutorial on the Nephron. Includes diagrams.


Source: M. O'Mahony, open source images

Dr. Art - Nephron's Like a GrapevineH

Here are the words to Dr. Art's song (check your e-mail). Since this page is open, I don't want to attach the mp4 file - since it is copyright.
GREAT review!


Source: by Arthur W. Siebens, Ph.D., Copyright 2001

Interactive Kidney

The animation found at is the best I've found.  It has a number of different pages that  you can travel to (18) so that if you know a section you can skip to another.  The explanation is very clear and well supported with the graphics.

A very similar animation is found at and this has a short quiz at the end of it.

Source: Sumanas Inc., WH Freeman, Inc.

The Interactive Human: The Kidney

Now you want to watch the last part of the animation at which does an excellent job of explaining the role and action of the nephron.

Source: The Interactive Human Blog

The Kidney

Great animation - although it starts off quite slow.

What is good is the animation exploring what happens to various substances in the nephron.  Check this out!

Source: Biology Mad

Nephron Anatomy Drag & Drop Quiz

Source: phs ?