The Nervous System - Part 2; Neurons and Action Potentials

The Nervous System - Part 2; Neurons and Action Potentials

Author: Bob Grove

Describe the events that lead to the generation of a nerve impulse and its conduction from one neuron to another

A quick review of neuron anatomy, followed by an explanation of the generation of an AP. Then a discussion on  transmission of the AP at the synapse.

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A Mr. Grove Webcast on the NS, Part 2: Neurons & Action Potentials

A discussion on...action potential generation and propagation, movement across the synapse, and the affect of certain drugs at the synapse

Animation: Action Membrane Potentials

An animation explaining action potential propagation

Another Animation of a Neuron at Work

A cool animation showing a neuron creating an action potential and releasing neurotransmitters. No explanation given, just cool graphics.

Terms to Know:

  1. Action Potential
  2. depolarization
  3. nerve impulse
  4. repolarization
  5. synapse
  6. neurotransmitters