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The Nuremberg Code

The Nuremberg Code

Author: Lauren Rodriguez
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On your half sheet:
DO NOT rewrite the questions
DO number your responses
1. List two reasons why Nuremberg chosen for the trails
2. List the four countries that held the trials
3. List three things you learned about the London Charter
4. How long did the trials last?
5. Explain why TWO high-level Nazis accused DID NOT go to trials --> Give the reasons why they didn't have to stand trial
6. List four types of verdicts given and the number
7. Explain why the Nuremberg Trials were important to the healing process after WWII

Topic: The Nuremberg Code
EQ: Explain how the Nuremberg Code attempts to right the wrongs committed by the Nazis during the Holocaust
LENGTH: 2 pieces of paper front & back
**Be sure to label your examples as "ex" or color code them
**For a 4: Add 2 Processing Notes annotations for each side <-- These need to be ANNOTATIONS and SHOULD NOT add to the length of your notes