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The Ocean and Water Cycle: Weather

The Ocean and Water Cycle: Weather

Author: edith araujo

5.4.b Students know the influence that the ocean has on the weather and the role that
the water cycle plays in weather patterns. 

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Ocean Influences on Weather

  1. Keeps our planet warm
    1. radiation from the sun is absorbed by the ocean
    2. water molecules that receive heat evaporate: from a liquid state to vapor, a gas state
  2. Ocean currents
    1. transports warm water from the equator to the poles, and cold water from the poles to the tropics
    2. without currents, regional temperatures would be more severe 
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Source: Ocean Exploration and Research

The Ocean's Role

Source: NASA

The Water Cycle

Water is always moving: 

  • from the ocean/lake/river --> to the air as evaporation--> to condensation as clouds/fog--> to precipitation as rain--> to running off the surface --> and back into the ocean/lake/river 
  • The water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, surface runoff (collection of water)
  • Click here to view a short clip about the water cycle. *hint

Impact of Water Cycle on Weather

  • The water cycle allows for more clouds to form in the region, which decreases the temperature, as a result, we receive rainfall and snow in some regions. 
    • Too much rain can cause floods, which is why the water cycle is important: the water must run off or infiltrate to prevent floods.
    • Also, no rain can cause droughts, which is why it is important that the cycle remains consistent. We need evaporation, so that it leads to condensation, and we receive precipitation. 

Source: (2019)

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