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The Organized Classroom Blog

The Organized Classroom Blog

Author: Carrie Smith

Show the benefits of having blogs in the classroom for educational purposes using text and visuals.

The Organized Classroom Blog (The OC Blog) was created by a school teacher named Charity. She has been teaching for more than ten years now. Her blog has received exceptional recognition and has been featured on more than twenty other blogs and websites.

The information that is contained here is incredible. There are so many tips and ideas that Charity shares with her viewers. She even has several video blogs that have been added to her site in order to give viewers a visual explanation when needed. The OC Blog is a great place for teachers to learn new and exciting ideas to incorporate into their own classroom.


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Organization of Blogs

This site gives a whole new meaning to organization. The creator of the site prides herself in maintaining an organized life in and out of the classroom. Her blog truly reflects this skill. If you are in search of new and exciting blogs to keep you informed about any grade level, you can find them well kept and organized all in one place just by visiting one page:

DIY Classroom Helpers

Here is just one of the great videos that have been added to the OC Blog. In this video you can learn of a new and creative way to design individual dry erase boards for your students. They are affordable and can be used for many different classroom projects.

Motivation Miracle

Teachers all struggle to find ways to motivate their students in the classroom. Charity has discovered a great way to help identify which motivators work best for your students. She has even created a free printable document that can be downloaded and used by anyone wanting to try this program.