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The Outsiders: Theme Project

The Outsiders: Theme Project

Author: Lawrence Pizzi

When you have finished this project, you will have derived a major theme of The Outsiders and created a Prezi to state, illustrate and support it with evidence from the text.

A novel like The Outsiders is rich in theme. A close reading will reveal several key messages S.E. Hinton wanted to get across. We have discussed several of them in class. Now it's your turn. You will have several quotations from the novel from which to choose as the basis for what you think is a major theme. After gathering evidence form the text to support your statement of the theme, you will create a Prezi to both support and illustrate the theme you have developed. You will work with one other classmate on your project.


This is a joint project between Language Arts class and Technology class. You will also receive a grade from the Technology teacher for the technical aspects of your Prezi.

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What You Will Need

  • Your copy of the novel, either hard copy or digital edition.
  • Your Edmodo username and password
  • Your Prezi username and password
  • If you are using one, Your iPad with the free Prezi App loaded

The Assignment

Here is the complete assignment. Make sure you read it carefully. If you have any questions after school hours, post them on our Edmodo site and I will respond as soon as possible.

Once you have completed the Prezi, post a link to it on our Edmodo page so your classmates can preview it make comments. You are welcome to edit your Prezi based on any comments you receive.

You will present and defend your Prezi in class. See below for details.


Source: Created by Larry Pizzi, Our Lady of Good Counsel School


Here are some resources:

The Prezi basics tutorial plus links to the Prezi FAQ and Users' Manual is here:

Instructions for how to collaborate with your partner on your presentation are here:



Prezi Overview

This video will give you an overview of how to make a Prezi.

Your Presentation

Once you have finished your Prezi, post a link to it on our class Edmodo page. This way, your classmates can see your work and comment on it. You should browse your classmates' projects and comment on them as well.

You will present by bringing up your Prezi on the classroom iPad and show it using the Apple TV.


Note: Only one member of the team needs to post the link. Be sure to name the other partner in you post!


You may edit your Prezi right up to the time of your presentation to the class. I will post a presentation schedule on Edmodo.


After you presentation, you may edit your Prezi one last time based on any feedback you receive from me and your classmates.


Prezi iPad App

Here is a link to the free Prezi app: