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The Paragraph Roadmap

The Paragraph Roadmap

Author: Karen Hamilton

Upon successful completion of this learning object, the student should be able to:

  • identify the different elements of a paragraph
  • understand how the elements are arranged to create a coherent paragraph
  • construct a organized paragraph that contains all the proper elements
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Writing Paragraphs

Source: PowerPoint Presentation by Ruth Luman of Modesto College

Paragraph Roadmap Handout

Use this handout to help you organize your paragraph.


Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist

Sample Completed Paragraph Roadmap

Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist

The Perfect Paragraph

Here is an example of a perfect paragraph.


Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist


Once you have completed your Paragraph Roadmap (outline), you are ready to build your paragraph. Turn all of your points in the roadmap into complete sentences, add transitions to make your sentences flow nicely, and type your paragraph using the proper format. Remember to indent the first line of the paragraph!

Turn in your typed, properly formatted paragraph either to your school class site (Moodle or Blackboard) or during class if you are taking a face to face class.

Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist