The Past Simple Tense - Revision

The Past Simple Tense - Revision

Author: Nada Purtic

By the end of this lesson,  students will revise how past simple forms of regular and irregular verbs are formed, when this tense is used and fill in the worksheet with the verbs in past simple tense.

This tutorial consists of the video about the use and form of The Simple  Past Tense, text and graphics of when it is used and a PDF worksheet with examples.

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The Simple Past Tense

video tutorial on forming and using The Simple Past Tense (6:18')

The Simple Past - Use

USE 1 Completed Action in the Past



USE 2 A Series of Completed Actions



USE 3 Duration in Past




USE 4 Habits in the Past




USE 5 Past Facts or Generalizations


Simple Past Forms of Regular and Irregular Verbs

PDF worksheet

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