The Plot Diagram

The Plot Diagram

Author: Lynn Davidson

By the end of this lesson I will be able to identify the five actions on a plot diagram and create a plot diagram for a story I know well.

In this lesson we will use the metaphor of a roller coaster to learn about the five actions on plot diagram. Students will then create their own plot diagram for a story they know well. 

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Your Task:

1.  Watch and listen to the video mini-lesson.

2.  Take the short quiz.

3. Create a plot diagram for a story you know well.

Plot Diagram

Internet resources used for this video lesson are cited in the video. Thank you.

Interactive Plot Diagram Creator

If you have access to a computer that has Flash Player and is connected to a printer, you can create your plot diagram online.

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Type in the "Project Title" -- (the title of the story you chose to diagram)
  3. Type in your name (first and last)
  4. Click on "Exposition, Climax, Resolution" for the "Triangle Labels"
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Begin... use the buttons on the bottom for help, if needed
  7. Be sure to print your diagram and bring it to class