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The Polio Story: The Cure that Saved a Generation

The Polio Story: The Cure that Saved a Generation

Author: Lauren Rodriguez

This BBC Documentary will introduce students to the American Polio Epidemic of 1952 as well as the vaccine that saved the day!

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The Polio Story Documentary

Day One (0:00 - 20:25)
Topic: The Polio Story Day 1
EQ: Discuss why the American public was so desperate to find a Polio Vaccine
Length: 3 pages Front & back

- Summer (Now vs. then)
- Polio Age Group
- Fear
- Unknowns/myths about Polio
- How Polio actually spreads
- What doctors DID know (Effects, Contagious, prognosis)
-Ronal Flynn's story
- Iron Lung
- FDR's Story
- The Iron Lung
- March of Dimes & Mother's March
- Advertising for March of Dimes
- Jonas Salk ("Typing", Live Poliovirus, his team, monkeys)
- Salk's belief to create Polio Vaccine
- Prototype vaccines (from 1930s)
- Criticism of Salk (Albert Saben)

Day 2

Time: 20:26- End

Topic: Polio Story Day 2

EQ: Critique the ethical nature of Salk's three trials (tests)

  • Saben vs. Salk
  • Seben's Legitimate Concerns
  • Individual Protections vs. Heard Protection
  • Basel O'Conner
  • The Stakes/ motivation to find vaccine
  • Salk's First Trial (test)
    • Participants (who?)
    • "safety measure"
    • Getting permission
    • Salk's emotions
    • results of tests/trails
  • Pittsburg School Study
    • Participants (who?)
    • How different than the first trial?
    • Volunteers
    • Martha Hunter's Story of the study
    • Tommy's reaction to the study
    • Sylvia Bussis' reaction
    • Salk's reaction
    • findings?
  • April 1954 Large Scale Studies:
    • Participants
    • Critics (Walter Winchell)
    • Salk confronts critics
    • Two disturbing decisions
    • findings (results)
    • The public's reaction to findings
  • Jonas Salk's new life
  • Vaccine for the people
  • Saben and Polio Vaccine
  • Polio today