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The pow Function

The pow Function

Author: Danny Whittaker
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As you watch the video please be sure to take notes.  This basically means be sure to do the problems on another sheet along with me.  After the videos there will be a short quiz for you to answer the questions to turn in tomorrow at the BEGINNING of class.

Introducing Log function using Pow

How long to double our money?

Summary Quiz

Answer each question using complete sentences:

1.     Give an example of pow notation and the exponential equation it represents.

2.     Give an example of log notation and the exponential equation it represents.

3.     Solve these, show your steps:

        a.        3 to the power of x equals 45
        b.        7.2 to the power of 2 x end exponent equals 1.5
        c.        How long will it take for $1000 to become $3000 at 5% interest compounded quarterly?

4.     What makes the most sense to you?

5.     What are you confused about?


Also, use the Q & A section to ask a question based upon #5. If someone has already asked your question, add to their question with your own version of the question.

And, use your answer to #4 to pick someone else's question and answer it!

I will be looking for at least 2 comments from each person, one addressing what they understand and one addressing what they don't understand.

If you don't have anything to ask from number 5, and/or if you can't answer someone else's question, then respond to my questions instead.