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The Power Of Cognates When Learning Foreign Languages

The Power Of Cognates When Learning Foreign Languages

Author: Emilia Carrillo

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  1. Define 'Cognate'
  2. Identify the importance of cognates when learning a new language
  3. Recognize common Spanish - English cognates
  4. Write two short sentences in Spanish using cognates
  5. Understand other students Spanish cognate sentences
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What are Cognates?

Cognates are important words when learning a foreign language, as they will help you acquire the target language vocab.

Through this video you will understand the meaning of 'Cognates' and their importance.

Source: Video created by Emilia Carrillo using Jing (Images from Flickr Commons)

Video Comprehension

Source: Form created with Google Docs

Further Exploring Cognates


Here is a great list of practical Spanish-English cognates. Keep it in mind, especially now when you are just beginning to absorb the language:

Spanish-English Cognates

And here is a list of False Spanish-English cognates to be aware of. Don't let them full you! Memorize them:

False Spanish-English Cognates

Now, before you go on to complete this lesson's project consider this: 

"For as long as people of different  cultures have been in contact, they have enriched their languages by exchanging words, phrases, and constructions with one another"- Quote Source-

Cognates Project


  1. Using the Cognates list, create a phrase in Spanish asking someone something. Anything!
  2. Share your phrase on the Sophia Group Chat with the other school we are working with.
  3.  They will answer your question. Make sure to answer their questions as well.
  4. Post your Cognates question & answers here
  5. We will then talk about them in class.