The Quotient Rule

The Quotient Rule

Author: Dan Bowler

- to review the quotient
- to provide practice problems involving the quotient rule

This lesson contains two slide shows. The first reviews the chain rule and includes a catchy way to remember it. The second provides some practice problems and solutions.

All pictures (except where noted) were obtained at morguefile.com which grants permission to use its images.

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This lesson packet reviews the quotient rule for finding derivatives.  It contains some practice problems with step by step solutions.  If you are not familiar with the chain rule you may want to check out the packet "Don't Forget the Baby" by Alex G before you do this packet.



quotient rule

A lesson on the chain rule with a catchy way to remember it!!

Practice Problems

Match wits with Mr. Bunny and Eddie the Iguana as they solve chain rule problems.