The Renaissance

The Renaissance


For students to understand the basic themes of the Renaissance reflected in Renaissance art, and then apply this knowledge to unknown artwork, and eventually Renaissance literature in class.

Before watching the video students will read the overview of the Renaissance & take notes on the note sheet.

This is a longer video series for advanced level high school world history students.  It is actually a much condensed lecture.

After watching the videos students will fill out a google form to assess understanding.

The next day we will start by creating a list of major themes of the Renaissance as a class, then students will apply what they've learned to unfamiliar pieces of Renaissance art that they will analyze & research.

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Renaissance Reading & Video Guide

Guided reading questions and a notes page.

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Renaissance Overview Reading

To accompany reading guide

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Source: ABC-CLIO World History: The Modern Era

Renaissance Art Part 1

Changes to art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance & their connection to themes of the Renaissance. Part 1

Renaissance Art Part 2

Continuation of Renaissance themes and techniques in art.