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The Respiratory System - Unit 11

The Respiratory System - Unit 11

Author: Nate Holz

Chapter 13 - The Respiratory System

Powerpoint notes on the RS

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Class Log

  • Wednesday (4/19): Cardiovascular Test. Started the Gas Exchange System with notes 1 and two handouts; Mt Everest article with questions, and a resp. coloring diagram.
  • Friday (4/21): Senior trip, my son subbed for me...watched the video, "Hidden Figures."
  • Monday (4/24): Senior Ditch Day - finished Hidden Figures.
  • Wednesday (4/26): Notes 2, two handouts; Resp. sys fill in, and a reading guide for the chapter. Did the pig lung demo and two teams started the cat dissection.
  • Friday (4/28): Video clips. 2 handouts: Breathing Cycle Lab and Mech. of Ventilation
  • Monday (5/1): Played with the spirometer. James Morrison and Grace Bryars the leaders in 2nd period, lung capacity. 2 handouts: Spirometry and the Breathing Cycle

Unit 11 Assignments (The Respiratory System)

The Complete Notes of the Respiratory System

All parts of my notes on the RS in one ppt

Source: Some content modified from:

Crash Course Anatomy: Respiratory System, Part 1

So we all know that breathing is pretty important, right? Today we're going to talk about how it works, starting with the nameless evolutionary ancestor that we inherited this from, and continuing to the mechanics of both simple diffusion and bulk flow, as well as the physiology of breathing, and finishing with the anatomy of both the conducting zone and the respiratory zone of your respiratory system.

Source: Hank Green and CrashCourse

Crash Course Anatomy: Respiratory System, Part 2

Source: Hank Green and CrashCourse

Bozeman Science - The Respiratory System

Paul Andersen starts this video with a description of the respiratory surface. He explains how worms, insects, fish and mammals take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. He then tours the major organs of the respiratory system; from the pharynx to the trachea, bronchus, bronchiole and alveoli. He also explains how oxygen is carried on the hemoglobin and how carbon dioxide is carried as bicarbonate.

Source: Bozeman Science (Paul Andersen)

School Bus Driver Saves Choking Student

October 25, 2012: A school bus driver in Oregon used the Heimlich manoeuvre to save a student who was choking on a plastic ice cube he swallowed with a gulp of water.

Source: Standard Youtube License

Do Women Have Adam's Apples?

Quick Questions takes on the matter of the adam's apple -- The fact is, everyone has one! Learn what it really is, what its purpose is, and why they might look different in different people.

Source: SciShow:

The Lungs and the Pulmonary System from the the Khan Academy

The pulmonary system including the lungs, larynx, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli and thoracic diaphragm, etc., from the Khan Academy

Source: Khan Academy

Everest - Beyond the Limit

From the 2006 documentaries on climbing Mt. Everest - this is episode 1

How Hard is Climbing Mt. Everest?

Source: BuzzFeed Yellow

Mt Everest Mallory Body Discovery

Mallory and Irvine were lost in 1924 while climbing Mt. Everest

Source: Standard Youtube License

UCLA Performs First Breathing Lung Transplant

First there was the "heart in a box," a revolutionary experimental technology that allows donor hearts to be delivered to transplant recipients warm and beating rather than frozen in an ice cooler.

Chest Tube Placement

Here we discuss the placement of a chest tube, or tube thoracostomy to treat a pneumothorax (collapsed lung). This is one of the coolest procedures I do in the emergency department, and I hope you learn plenty from this video.
Here, I show the actual footage of the procedure being performed.

Source: theedexitvideo .

ASAP Science: Why Do We Yawn?

Source: ASAP Science

ASAP Science: Smoking vs Vaping

Source: ASAP Science

ASAP Science: Does Being Cold Make You Sick?

Source: ASAP Science

ASAP Science: The Olympic Altitude Advantage

Source: ASAP Science