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The Rise of the Roman Empire

The Rise of the Roman Empire

Author: Pam Rowland

Learning Targets:

I can analyze how geography and culture influenced civilization in Rome.

I can understand how people came to distrust a leader who has too much power.

I can analyze what life was like in early Roman society.

I can describe how Rome's republican government was organized.

I can describe the influence of Julius Caesar and Augustus  on the transition from a republic to an empire.

I can describe what life was like in Roman cities.

Big Ideas- The division between the rich and the poor in modern society. The idea that governments create laws codes and poilitical bodies  to lessen inequalities.

In this packet, students will learn about  ancient Rome by completing a variety of differentiated activities designed to present the core content of geograpgy,culture,government, and economics in 7th grade social studies.

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Rome Vocabulary

Complete vocabulary for Lesson 1-4  using Evernote or your interactive notebook.

Rise of Rome

Introductory Video on Roman Empire- Mr. Roughton

Rome # 2 The Arch

Rome Lecture # 2 Mr. Roughton

Rome Culture

Powerpoint describing life in the Roman Empire.


Roman Empire # 3

Rome Cold Case

Cold Case Rome

Roman Emperors

You’ll be randomly assigned one of the following emperors: Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius, Hadrian, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Marcus Aurelius, Vespasian, Domitian, Trajan, or Nerva.

Assignment #1



1. You need to create a campaign poster by using PhotoScape.

Your “poster” should include 4 items: The name of the emperor, a picture of the emperor doing something for which he is well-known, a campaign slogan that highlights the emperor’s achievements or style, and four to five points that draw attention to the emperor’s achievements, leadership style, personality or other qualifications. The poster should also be neat, organized, and appealing to your voters.

Assignment #2


2. You need to create a campaign speech. You will post the speech and poster on VoiceThread.

Your campaign speech will be recorded onto VoiceThread, aka Rome’s Public Radio station. It must be between 1-2 minutes. It should explain your qualifications and why you believe you are the best choice for emperor. Put a positive spin on your achievements, but don’t lie.

Voicethread for Project

Rome Lecture #4

Final Project


3. As a citizen, you need to listen to others’ speeches and critically respond.

You must look at 6+ other emperors’ campaign posters and listen to their speeches. Then, using your background knowledge, critically respond to them by leaving your own message on their VoiceThread post. Tell them what’s good, what you don’t believe, and ask them questions; maybe the emperor will respond back J. Please respond to emperors that have <8 responses.