The Robo-Bean

The Robo-Bean

Author: Jim Pappas

Students will be able to combine STRUCTURE and the LANDMARKS of the human figure to create a more stable form of the human pose.

Students will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why use the Robo Bean?
  • What Landmarks do I use when contructing the boxes of the Robo Bean?
  • Differences between genders?

In this episode, Stan will take the Bean and add structure to it based on the landmarks of the body. The Robo Bean represents the body as simple boxes to help us find its orientation and visualize it as a 3D form

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How to Draw Structure in the Body

Wk #7 Robo-Bean Handout

Be sure to print this handout as you follow through the video tutorial. Most of the information is on the video, however when working with your Pose Packet you'll want quick and easy access. Keep this in your binder as a study guide for our final.

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Robo-Bean Pose Packet

In your sketchbook, create a ROBO-BEAN drawing of each pose in this
week’s packet twice. Each ROBO-BEAN pose should be different in size.

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