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The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle

Author: Robin Estavan

S6E5 _Students will investigate the scientific view of how the earth’s surface is formed.

S6E5.c._Classify rocks by their process of formation. 

S6E5.d._Describe processes that change rocks and the surface of the earth.S

Students will study the earth's geological features and how they were formed. Students will also study minerals and rock formations, and how earth's crust provides human with natural resources.

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Rock Types and the Rock Cycle: Igneous Sedimentary Metamorphic

Did you know that every rock you pick up has changed many times throughout it's history? It's true - rocks change. Geologists like to describe the changes via a rock cycle. They also classify rocks into one of three types: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Each of these types can become the other, depending on the process used to break the rock down and reform it. In this weekly I simply wanted to describe the three
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