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The Role of Assessment

The Role of Assessment


This section will examine the role assessment in measuring learning outcomes, student competence and effectiveness of instruction.

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Understanding Competency-Based Instruction

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Notes on "The Role of Assessment"

(00:00-00:19) Intro

(00:20-00:36) Objectives

(00:37-03:34) Assessment Roles

(03:35-06:08) Assessments & Decision Making for Educators

(06:09-07:49) Assessments & Decision Making for Students

(07:50-08:51) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

Three Ways Student Data Can Inform Your Teaching

This Edutopia article provides useful strategies in using assessment data to drive instructional decisions.

Teaching vs. Learning: How Assessment Informs Instruction

This website offers useful tools for using assessment and data to inform and guide instruction based on the research of Solution Tree Experts like Rick Dufour, Thomas Many, Cassier Erkens, and Robert Eaker.