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The Role of the Student in Flipped Learning

The Role of the Student in Flipped Learning

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson will provide the learner with a view of the changing role of the student in flipped learning environments.

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Notes on “The Role of the Student in Flipped Learning”


(00:00-00:16) Introduction

(00:17-02:34) Characteristics of Millennials

(02:35-03:43) Students’ Roles

(03:44-05:16) Traditional vs. Flipped

(05:17-05:38) Reflection

(05:39-06:11) Conclusion

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Flipped learning skepticism: Do students want to have lectures?

Robert Talbert explains that at first students will rebel against flipped learning because they are used to being told exactly what they need to know and do to receive the A. Talbert provides practical strategies to transform the role of the student to an active participant in the classroom using the flipped model.

Flipped Classroom – Tracey Gillies

This video includes Gillies and her fourth grade students. Her students explain how they approach flipped class lessons and why they find them helpful.