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The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire

Author: Sarah Cartwright
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Objective/ Standards

Students will be able to use provided resources in order to learn about the rise, fall, and expansion of the Roman Empire.

Students will be able to demonstrate their newfound knowledge about the Roman Empire by answering four multiple choice questions and one big question.

7.1 Students analyze the causes and effects of the vast expansion and ultimate disintegration of the Roman Empire.

Study the early strengths and lasting contributions of Rome (e.g., significance of Roman citizenship; rights under Roman law; Roman art, architecture, engineering, and philosophy; preservation and transmission of Christianity) and its ultimate internal weaknesses (e.g., rise of autonomous military powers within the empire, undermining of citizenship by the growth of corruption and slavery, lack of education, and distribu­ tion of news).

Discuss the geographic borders of the empire at its height and the factors that threatened its territorial cohesion.

Web Source

Facts about the Roman Empire

Web Source

The Fall of Rome - John Green 


What was the largest contribution to the fall of the Roman Empire? Support your answer with evidence from the provided videos and website. Complete this question and submit your answers on the provided section in our google classroom. 


Questions 1-4 provided by

“IXL: Learn 7th Grade Social Studies.” IXL Learning,

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