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The Roman House

The Roman House

Author: Erin Aldana

This lesson will discuss the importance of the home in Roman culture.

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Peristyle Garden; Creative Commons,,_2007)_04.JPG, Image of Impluvium in Reconstruction of the House of the Vettii, Creative Commons,, Herculaneum wall, Public Domain,, mural from Villa of the Mysteries, Creative Commons,, Image of Dionysiac Mystery Festival Wall Paintings, Pompeii, Creative Commons,, Lares altar, House of the Vetii, Creative Commons,

Terms to Know

An open-roofed court in the center of an ancient Roman house.


Square-shaped rooms in a Roman house.


An ancient Roman house, usually for the wealthy.


A rectangular basin for collecting rainwater, usually located in the middle of an atrium.

Lares and Penates

Minor deities associated with the home in ancient Rome.

Peristyle Garden

A garden located near a columned porch in a Roman house.