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The Safest Payment Methods for Gambling in Canada

The Safest Payment Methods for Gambling in Canada

Author: Ruby Seddon

Both active players and reviewers have long debated payment methods in Canadian gambling sites. On the one hand, any payment method in contemporary reality is suitable for deposit and withdrawal intentions. On the other hand, it is relevant to understand what the safest and most transparent options are. Before you open an online casino account, it would be useful to learn more about the available depositing and withdrawing options. Take a closer look at some of the safest casino payment tools available for Canadians, as follows.


If you come from Canada, you are supposed to have a bank account in one of the banking institutions. Luckily for gambling enthusiasts, Interac is a tool that links all those institutions in a single network. That means you are likely to have an Interac account, even though you’ve not registered there manually. To proceed with accessing casino games, you have to make a deposit. The good news is that any casino that accepts Interac allows players to use their credit cards to be linked to the Interac network, eventually allowing them to send and receive real money from gambling platforms. Thanks to the presence of such an online system, Interac can be found on virtually any casino in Canada, granting an absolute safety of transactions for casual players.

Debit Card and its Legality

Like it or not, but you can omit using Interac and top up your game balance with deposits or withdraw winnings with your debit or credit card. The good news is that you’re free to use MasterCard or Visa as a payment aggregator, depending on the type of card you have. It is generally regarded that the use of this option is one of the safest ones. If you ensure your account’s safety, you won’t have any issues with a deposit or claiming funds from there. You should also be aware that the legality of online casinos in Canada won’t be an issue in this case. Since gambling sites in Canada are often regulated and monitored by the local authorities, using this account for casino deposit purposes is entirely legal and safe.

Prepaid Methods

Another great approach that guarantees the safety of your funds is the use of prepaid options. One of the most suitable and safe tools you can try is Paysafecard. With this option, you can transfer your money to a gambling site in just a few clicks. Absolute security is ensured by purchasing specialized vouchers that cannot be stolen or hacked by any means. If you want to play in a casino with a prepaid tool, consider buying a voucher beforehand. It is a great way for Canadians to deposit funds without having to worry about safety issues safely. The crucial point is that prepaid methods are the safest options available, making them so favourable among Canadians.


Even though e-wallets are often criticized, they are still one of the best transaction options available for Canadians. Some of the most representative tools of this category are Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal, which are equally represented on Canada’s gambling platforms. The payments using one of the mentioned e-wallets usually involve small fees charged either on a deposit or a withdrawal operation.

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