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The Science and Art of Telehealth Nursing Practice

The Science and Art of Telehealth Nursing Practice

Author: Capella Healthcare

The Science and Art of Telehealth Nursing Practice

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn about the science and art of telehealth nursing practice. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Supporting Scope and Standards
  2. Considerations

1. Supporting Scope and Standards

The art of nursing encompasses recognizing the patient as a dignified and worthy individual who is a partner in the dynamic process of facilitating health through coaching, empathizing, and listening. The art of telehealth nursing also includes assisting, coaching, mentoring, accepting, and nurturing. Additionally, the art of telehealth nursing includes resolving conflicts, cultural competence, providing presence, teaching, and exploring.

The science of telehealth nursing encompasses the nursing process and includes assessment, diagnosis, goal and outcome identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The nursing process is the background of nursing care and is foundational for the scientific elements of nursing care.

Combining the art and science of telehealth nursing supports the scope and standards for care.

2. Considerations

There have been concerns raised that we may be diluting the art, science, and practice of nursing care in virtual care environments. A virtual environment hampers our ability to reach out and provide a human touch. However, nurses possess skills to overcome this barrier; they possess the communication skills, compassion, and caring that transcend the virtual environment. Furthermore, telehealth nursing aims to propagate and advance the process of nursing quality care by enhancing the attributes of empathy, assurance, attention to detail, responsiveness, and reliability, while adding convenience to the process.

Authored by Cindy Ebner, MSN, RN, CPHRM, FASHRM and Colleen Harris Marzilli, PhD, DNP, MBA, RN-BC, CCM, PHNA-BC, NEA-BC, FNAP