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The Sniper

The Sniper

Author: Elizabeth Helfant
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Historical Background

Watch the video to get some background about the time period which serves as the setting for the story. As you watch, remember what a Civil War means to a country- how it divides a country into two sides that have beliefs so strongly opposed that they will go to war rather than maintain the country. For some families, it means brother fights against brother.

Irish Civil War in Video

Interacting with the Text


Method 1 - ClassroomSalon (Annotate and answer questions)


Method 2 - Groups on Google Docs (Highlight and add comments- Answer the questions at the end of the document. You are working together but everyone should contribute.

Group 1 Doc 

Group 1 Questions

Group 2 Doc

Group 2 Questions

Group 3 Docs

Group 3 Questions

Group 4 Doc

Group 4 Questions

Group 5 Doc

Group 5 Questions


Method 3 - Print to OneNote form Google Docs

Annotate and answer questions. I will take up your answers.

Prezi Activity

Now that you have answered the questions, lets have some fun.

Choose 2-4 elements of a short story and create a prezi that highlights where those elements are in the story.

You must use examples from the text. You may use images to help make your point too.

Mistaken Identity

Read over this story.

How does this compare to the sniper in our story?