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The Solar System

The Solar System

After participating in this tutorial, students will be able to name all of the planets and what they are made of.
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Welcome to our lesson on the solar system! Below I have posted a YouTube video and my Prezi presentation on the solar system. Please watch both and jot down some notes. Pleas also take the WSQ quiz at the end so I can see what everyone has learned, and what we need to review tomorrow. Have a good night!

The Solar System Video

This YouTube video gives a great overview of the whole solar system, please watch this video first, and jot down some notes in your notebooks.

The Solar System Presentation

I have listed some important facts about each planet in this Prezi presentation. Please take down notes in your notebook, and watch the YouTube video embedded in this presentation. Also, there is a question at the end of the presentation that I would like you to answer using the information you have learned throughout this lesson. Please answer this question on a separate piece of paper and make sure to bring it with you tomorrow!

Solar System WSQ

Please fill out this Google form so I know what you have learned, and what we need to review tomorrow!